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blondie Blondie ChaplinBlondie Chaplin first became known to international audiences as a singer and guitarist for The Beach Boys. Chaplin was also listed as a co-producer, sang lead vocals with fellow South African musician Ricky Fataar (drummer) and composed, with Fataar, “Here She Comes” and “Hold on Dear Brother” on the twenty-third official Beach Boys album, Carl and the Passions – “So Tough”, and “Leaving This Town” on the Beach Boys’ Holland-album.
He is known in recent years as a long term backing vocalist, percussionist and acoustic rhythm guitarist for the Rolling Stones on their tours.

Blondie Chaplin, along with drummer Ricky Fataar, joined the Beach Boys when original drummer Dennis Wilson suffered a hand injury that left him unable to play the drums for almost two years. Chaplin and Fataar joined the Beach Boys as full-fledged members and not merely as backing musicians. blondie bb Blondie Chaplin

Chaplin left the group in 1973 after a dispute with the Beach Boys’ management, Fataar remained with the band until the following year.

the flame Blondie ChaplinBoth Chaplin and Fataar were members of South African rock band The Flames before joining The Beach Boys. The Flames were discovered by Beach Boy Carl Wilson while performing in London. Wilson produced their self-titled album, The Flame (changed from Flames), which featured ‘Beatlesque’ soulful rock/pop songs and was released through The Beach Boys’ label Brother Records.

holland2 Blondie ChaplinChaplin sang lead on various Beach Boys songs, such as ”Sail On Sailor” (from their studio album Holland), a song considered by many to rank among the Beach Boys’ very best work.
He also played, sang and contributed new song material, “We Got Love”, on the live album The Beach Boys in Concert.

the band Blondie ChaplinDuring the late 1980s Chaplin toured with The Band, replacing some of Richard Manuel’s vocals and playing guitar and, occasionally, drums. In the 1980s, Chaplin toured with a band featuring Rick Danko and Paul Butterfield, and was guitarist and vocalist on Butterfield’s last studio album, The Legendary Paul Butterfield Rides Again, released in 1986. Chaplin was also a featured player in former Byrds members Gene Clark and Michael Clarke’s new band, The 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Byrds.

blondie stones Blondie ChaplinSince the late 1990s and the Bridges to Babylon Tour, Chaplin has been a backing vocalist, percussionist, and occasional guitar player for The Rolling Stones. The Bridges to Babylon album lists Chaplin’s credits as backing vocals, tambourine, piano, bass guitar, percussion, shaker, maracas.

blondie cd Blondie ChaplinHe plays and sings with Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa’s band and is also the vocalist, songwriter, and lead guitar player with Skollie, a band with Keith Lentin and Anton Fig.

Chaplin so far made three solo albums, Blondie Chaplin, Fragile Thread (featuring Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood), and most recently Between Us (2006).

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