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record collector 150px KALINICH ALBUM REVIEWquoted from: Record Collector News
Issue May/June 2011 – 04.21.11 – page 10
article by Jim Kaplan – Publisher of Record Collector News

MsMusic Records

Carol Schofield, owner of Foothill Records in La Crescenta, loves music and its history. To make sure that some of the important yet lesser known artists don’t fade away, she distributes their work through MsMusic, her very own, independent record company.
The label has garnered a reputation for its eclectic mix of artists and the superlative engineering of their CD and 180-gram vinyl releases. “California Feeling”, a tribute to the poetry and music of Stephen Kalinich, is no different.
“Who is Stephen Kalinich?”, you may ask. Circa the sixties, Stephen, while hanging in Hollywood, met Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys. It seems like Stephen was their muse at times, as Brian has often referred to him as a “poetic genius.”
Fast forward to last year: Stephen was living in the home of friend, Mark Linett, who just happened to have a recording studio.
One evening, while Linett was thumbing through Stephen’s verse, he got energized and thought, with Stephen’s history and all the musician friends he’s created through the years: “Why not honor his art with a compilation.” Enter The Honeys, Probyn Gregory, Carnie & Wendy Wilson, Stacey Keach, David Marks, Carl B. Wilson, Rachel and the Reindeerz and many more.
“California Feeling” features 23 cuts, that are the thrust of killer surf melodies interspersed with Stephen’s spoken word inspirations. Music like this only comes together when the stars are lined up just right, and I could listen to it into eternity.
Some may think of it as wave pounding surf music but it’s more. There is a message here that speaks to the everlasting untethered California spirit that lives in all of us.
Kalinich’s lyrics galvanized this project, yet it was the musicans and the enigineers – Mark and Carol – coming together that made the music and art a reality. And Stephen pays them (and us) back with his arresting spirit that shines throughout this blissful CD.

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