by Radio Music Songs on April 22, 2011

beckley casino BECKLEY CASINOThis month, a new solo album by Gerry Beckley, titled “Unfortunate Casino”, is released through Beckley’s own Human Nature label.
The CD, co-produced by Gerry and his son Matt Beckley (Katy Perry Band), contains 10 new original compositions.

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“There must be reasons why…..Gerry Beckley is not the recipient of worldwide acclaim for the magnificent solo efforts he produces (we already know the AMERICAn classics he and Dewey have produced)……or why he is not mentioned in the same cluster of masters like Jackson Browne or Neil Young or Paul Simon or… (hell, most of his throwaways are better than their most fervent efforts)…..okay, let’s be simple….buy this disc….buy a couple and give to friends as I did (they’ll give you the “I didn’t know about this” and the “My God, this is fantastic” look later). Reasons? Don’t know. But, you’re wasting time reading this…”

“Gerry Beckley is a musical institution. The new Album is infectious and wonderful music. There is so much to enjoy here. Gerry Beckley’s voice is still crystalline and unique. His songwriting remains a revelation. He has always been a fascinating listen and this album delivers big time. Buy it – you’ll love it!”

“This is Gerry Beckley’s best solo effort. “Unfortunate Casino” stays true to his folk rock/pop roots but with an updated sound. Beckley actually seems more willing to experiment with different sounds and approaches on his solo albums than on the America albums. This album is no exception, thought there is not a bad song on the CD. If you are a fan of America or Gerry Beckley, you should enjoy this album.”

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